2 years ago we were on a family vacation in Wisconsin and Isaac was with us. That seems like a lifetime ago. But I remember it like it was yesterday too. We were supposed to go to the Black Hills, but he asked if we could go to this area instead. It ended up being a wonderful week.
One of the nights it poured rain for just a bit and then we saw this HUGE rainbow. In fact, there was a 2nd double rainbow that is really faint if you look closely.
I was talking with my grandma earlier this week, reflecting on how hard walking through loss would be without faith. I can’t imagine the pain without the comfort of God’s promise that He will redeem all that is broken in this world. It is those promises that have carried me in this season.
6 months after this picture was taken Isaac would be gone. We were walking through our first Christmas without him and planning a funeral service. Unimaginable grief and trauma, a storm like no other I have experienced {to date}.
And yet we have seen so much of God’s goodness and beauty on the other side of that “storm.” Somedays I still find myself begging God to give me a “sign” that Isaac is ok. But then a picture like this pops in my feed and I remember that I don’t need one. God has always been faithful. I trust Him, His Word and He has my boy until I can get there. Until that unknown day I will faithfully praise Him for who He is.