Tonight Karlena was getting ready to leave for Awana and she said she wasn’t sure she wanted to go, I think her exact words were “these days I guess I just like to be around my family more…”

So sweet, but I also knew that going would be good for her. And so I encouraged her to go and while she was gone I got a message from a friend who was there who had taken some videos during games and Karlena was playing and smiling. She just wanted me to know.

This is how we are walking through our days. Doing the next right thing as Dominic would call it. Sometimes it is hard and painful and we cry and sometimes there are brief moments of laughter.

Today I voxed my 2 best friends that I had the best day yet. It isn’t like I felt joy necessarily, but I got to have lunch with some good friends and we didn’t have any client meetings so I didn’t have to brace myself for the comments (or the non comments if they didn’t know) both are equally hard. And I guess it just felt like for a short time today the boulder that has been on my chest for weeks felt lighter.

I am grateful for moments like these. Moments where the waves don’t crash over us so frequently, where we can catch our breath. God remains present and faithful and so we are grateful.