It is a tough pill to swallow, the idea that we should count our trials as joy. Is that my first response? I remember studying that scripture along with the book of Job before Isaac died and asking IF I were faced with a trial like Job would I seriously have a response like his? One of worship? I didn’t think it was possible.

4 months later, Isaac died. And our response was one of sorrow and grief certainly, but also one of worship because God was so present. The memories of those first days have come flooding back as we now see another family in our local church community having to walk this path no parent should have to walk.

Losing a child, especially suddenly (whatever the reason) is traumatic. Nothing prepares you for that. But God cared for our hearts. He surrounded us with faithful people of prayer who prayed non stop on our behalf. In moments of doubt, their faith in God’s goodness helped us believe that some good could come from Isaac’s death.

All my life I had been step by step establishing my faith, learning who God was. So in that time of trial, I had the perseverance needed to keep trusting even when I was completely shattered and broken.

So today I am praying for this family in our community. I am trusting in the goodness of God for them even if they can’t see it. I am praying God surrounds them in such a way that they can only praise His goodness in spite of their brokenness. And I am asking that you join me in praying for healing for their hearts. The road they now walk is a lonely, painful one. But prayer works and God hears and is faithful to respond. I have lived it.