Different journey, same God. Ever faithful….always grateful.

I am trying to work on a project, something I can’t share now, but if things go well, I can in April. I have been going through some of my old journal entries and came across this one from late September 2017….I was preparing for a surgery that I was about to have and there were some unknowns.

“I am trusting you with the outcome, trying to just pray that you would be continue to be with me whatever happens. It feels selfish almost to ask you to spare me from hardship when there are so many people who are hurting.

Instead I am going to just thank you for preparing me for this journey. For the fact that I am physically the most healthy I have been going into this. I used to beg you to spare me the difficulty, now I just ask you to lead me and give me strength.

So many women posted on FB and IG about their struggles – so much greater than I am facing. Single moms, multiple deaths in the family, loss of faith…Lord make your presence known to these women in a new and deep way would you? Pour out your peace over them as you have over me.

I know the desperation, I remember feeling so lost and believing the lie that you weren’t there. I know the truth today. Help them see the truth in a new way today. I know you will use my journey, whatever it is for your glory, so I am honored to be walking with you.”

Different journey, same God. Ever faithful….always grateful.