Today is our 24th wedding anniversary.

It is no secret that when we got married I was 4 months pregnant with Isaac. It was the anticipation of our son, his life and our commitment to raise him together, that initially brought Dominic and I together in marriage.

We had no idea what we were doing. In November, when I spoke at the Never So Broken conference I shared that we had no idea how to be husband and wife, or parents….but we stood at that alter and made a commitment to love one another for better or worse.

We had no idea how difficult life would become. And we made so many mistakes. But God remained faithful to us and He was long-suffering with us and in time Dominic and I found our way back to a committed relationship with God, together.

And in the past 5+ months our vows have been tested like no other time. It is said that often times losing a child can destroy a marriage. The grief is too much, the way we individually process tears us apart, blame and guilt form barriers.

On the night we received the news that Isaac was gone and I called Gindi, and that was my one prayer request, that God would protect our marriage from any attacks that would come our way in the coming days. I wanted Dominic and I to be united, to stand firm together. I didn’t want division to come between us. We had already lost so much.

God was so faithful in answering that prayer. I believe He protected us in the early days. Dominic and I were united, there wasn’t blame or anger that divided us. I needed my husband more than ever and he was there for me.

Dominic and I have grieved in very different ways. And even that threatened to cause division in my heart, and when I felt that happening I would ask for prayer about it. Again and again, God was faithful. If we seek Him, He will help us in our times of need.

Today we get to celebrate the miracle of another year of marriage. And yes it is a miracle because there were so many times when our relationship should not have survived. We are two imperfect, selfish, self-centered humans that think differently and want our own way. We both have to make sacrifices for one another over and over again. That is what marriage is all about.

Grace and forgiving, loving and trying, persevering and as my dad said on our wedding day “never giving up.” That has been a picture of our marriage over 24 years. It has been filled with more heartache than I imagined and yet also more laughter too.

At Isaac’s funeral service Dominic said that Isaac brought us together, yes that is true. I am not sure we would have gotten married if it had not been for Isaac….but God has sustained us. God saw our humble offerings of our covenant commitment to one another and to God on June 1, 1996 and He never left us.

God has been faithful to restore and redeem all of our broken places and so today on another anniversary I thank God for Dominic, for our marriage, and I pray that He will continue to lead us in the days and years to come.