Isaac’s graduation 2015 – Dominic put on his graduation gown for a funny picture.


It almost feels like a bit of a cruel joke that Father’s Day is falling on the 6 month anniversary of Isaac’s death. But I wanted to take a minute and speak to you – my husband, the father of all of amazing kids on this special day that honors dads.

I know that when we found out the news of my pregnancy it was scary and unexpected and neither of us were prepared to be parents. But when I showed you that positive pregnancy test you didn’t hesitate for one moment. “We will raise this baby together” you said.

From that moment you were his dad.

You said it at Isaac’s funeral, he helped bring us together. And we have 3 more kids as a result. Isaac was our biggest baby, but when he was born he seemed so small. Especially when you held him. You were so worried about breaking him.

We spent a lot of time just the three of us before Gabe came along 7 years later. Isaac was your buddy when I worked the day shift and you worked nights. When we bought that house in Beresford, he followed you everywhere. He wanted to do what you were doing. From mowing to building something, to sitting on our deck and talking to our neighbor Melvin….he was your shadow.

You have been a great dad Dominic. I know it hasn’t always been easy. We struggled, so much early on and made a lot of mistakes with each other, but you always, always loved our kids.

You have been their protector. You have been an example of grace and humility, you have modeled how to forgive. You tell more stories than anyone I know and know more random facts and childhood songs too! The things you come up with on a routine basis continually make us all laugh.

I don’t say it enough, we don’t say it enough….but we are so very grateful for who you are in our family.

On the night that we found out about Isaac you protected me too. I heard the knock at the door, I even heard a voice ask if your wife was home. You could have let the officers in, but instead you stepped outside and received the worst news of your life on your own. You bore the brunt of that horrible situation and then you came in to tell me.

I don’t think I will ever forget the look in your eyes, telling me our son was gone. But you were a rock during that time for me and for our family. I know how much you were hurting and yet you shouldered a lot of responsibility during that time as we walked through our goodbyes.

Dominic, I have seen your faith tested in a way many do not. God has continued to refine you into a leader and a strong man of faith. You use your wisdom and your experience to not only mold and shape our family, but to also encourage others who are in a difficult place.

Last summer as our family vacation in Wisconsin was wrapping up we sat around the dining room table of our VRBO and Dominic asked everyone to go around and share their favorite memory from the week.

Isaac said “fishing with dad.” I am so grateful that we got that vacation with our son and have those memories and I hope you never forget Dominic, how much Isaac loved you. Because he did. We all do.

Happy Father’s Day,