This verse got me thinking this morning. What does it really mean for me to honor God, especially in suffering, in grief?

In 16 months I have had a lot of questions, a lot of moments where I cried out to God asking Him “why”. But I have done so with the understanding that ultimately my hope is not found in this world, and some things may not be answered this side of heaven.

Do I like that? No! I am the type of person that wants a tidy answer and I don’t always get it. That is hard. But, in spite of how I feel…in spite of what I wish were different, God has been faithful to me.

I think when we just give God our everything, our humble offerings and say “I am going to trust you with this Lord”… He is honored in that.

Take my broken heart, my lost dreams, my what-ifs Lord. Take my questions and my anger and know Lord I bring it to You because I trust You can handle it all. I don’t expect answers (although my heart longs for them). But I will trust You Lord to bring joy and peace and comfort, because that is who You are.

As I bring God my everything, my heart can’t help but praise, Him because He IS my everything.