Right before I went on to speak at the NSB conference in November I was so overcome. I remember Rachel asking me if I was nervous but it wasn’t that…it was this incredible desire to steward well what I believe God had called me to. It brought me to tears.

She gathered a bunch of the leadership team and speaking/worship team and we went backstage so they could pray over me. It was the most holy and humbling of experiences.

I didn’t even realize there was a photo that captured the moment until Carolyn sent it to me yesterday. These beautiful women circled around me, hands on me, lifting me up to God.

It is a picture of who you all have been these past few weeks.

I also got a message from my friend Sara (I hope it ok I share this) but again it is such a beautiful picture of what is happening here….She said “When I found out about Isaac I started praying and God gave me this picture. Your hand is holding tightly to His robe and all of the prayers that are being said are holding onto your hand and keeping it from slipping.”

The prayers of the faithful, of this Body of Christ that has surrounded us, is keeping our hands held tightly to Jesus.

I can’t say it enough, your faithful prayers have sustained us. I believe that with everything in me. I remember how I felt in the middle of that circle of women, tears streaming down my face, heart racing and yet so very aware that the moment was incredibly holy.

That is what this is, this holy ground that we are walking on. Not because WE are holy in any way, but because of your fervent prayers and a faithful God we can see Him, we can feel Him. This journey is horrible and holy in the same breath.