This was never a website I wanted to create. Writing to process my thoughts and feelings has long been something I have done. I have been blogging since 2008, I started a family blog shortly after a miscarriage I had as a way of processing my grief.

That led to years of writing and sharing my story, God’s story really. A record of all the ways He has worked in my life, in the life of our family.

I suppose now, this is no different. Brought here by grief and pressing forward with hope. Hope that I might share our experience with someone else, show all the ways God has been faithful in the journey and making a record for the days to come.

Until this point I have been sharing my real and raw grief journey on my personal Facebook page (At some point I hope to add some of those old posts here as well…if you see those show up later, that is why!) This blog will also be that place that I can journal and remember and share our story going forward.

If you are here and understand the gravity of this kind of loss, I am so very sorry. My heart aches for you. It is true that there are no words adequate to console this pain. We have been so very blessed by our friends and family, by our community and even the clients that we work with. So many people coming alongside of us to pray for us and encourage us.

It is the way it should be I suppose.

None of this “should be” but because it is, we have seen how tangibly the Body of Christ surrounds and upholds the broken. We are so incredibly grateful.

So thank you for being here. For taking the time to read my words, however inadequate they may feel and for getting to know our son.