It is just under 24 hours since we heard the news and our lives changed forever. It feels like a lifetime. I have been awake for every hour – please pray I might be able to sleep tonight.

Our kids are processing each in their own ways and I am trying to allow them space and freedom to do so. Karlena asked me if I had been sad all day and when I said yes she told me that she was happy for a short time when she was playing with her horse. I reminded her that we all feel differently and that she can have happy times too. Isaac would have wanted that.

They are very worried about what we will do with his Christmas presents.

I am incredibly grateful for every comment, message, text etc that I have received. I wont be able to respond to each of them but reading them has brought me such comfort. Thank you.

We had several visitors and meals/groceries brought today. Thank you. I have zero appetite and have forgotten that other people may want or need food. My family is so grateful that they have had food to eat and we are set for tomorrow as well.

Each person that has come has cried with me and let me fall into their arms and I have felt so loved. This pain is unbelievable, I keep trying to wake up from the nightmare. Having someone to grieve with me has been a balm to my soul.

I know I am forgetting something but I can’t even think straight anymore. Just know that the way you have loved on our family in 24 hours is overwhelming and we are so very grateful.