These two. I love seeing their relationship grow. Having two so close together was a surprise, especially after years of infertility issues between my other boys.

I remember Isaac being such a helper to me when I was pregnant with Karlena. Dominic was working in MN, and we were still living is SD and waiting on selling our house. That was 9 years ago. I had a 2 year old and a newborn (and 2 older boys) and a house to pack.

For 8 months Dominic and I had to live apart during the week until we finally moved to MN. It was hard and Isaac made my life manageable. That is putting it lightly, he was a hero during that time!

I was worried that Elijah would get lost in the shuffle a bit. So much change and he was still so young. Isaac was his buddy then and Elijah loved having a sister. They all did. There was something about having a girl that melted all their hearts.

In the past few years I have seen the friendship between my two youngest grow strong. And even more so these past few months. The other day they were laying on the trampoline and just laughing. Deep, joyful laughter about silly things.

Losing Isaac has been hard for each of us in our own way. We have all processed his loss differently and at different times. But I feel like this experience has drawn this pair closer together.

Elijah is more compassionate towards his sister. He comforts her when she is struggling. And now, in this time when they can’t play with friends, they are finding joy in time spent together. Sure there are times of arguing….they aren’t perfect! But they are helping one another heal and I am so grateful for that.

Mother’s Day is a few days away and it is a day I crawl to almost with a bit of dread. I am still a mother to 3 incredible, living children and so I celebrate that. But there is now a cloud of heaviness that surrounds the day. So I am praying for peace, and seeking to be intentional about focusing on my many blessings….and one of those is these two.