2 years ago it was really hard. Isaac was in a dark dark place. As parents, we had made some choices that we knew at the time would save his life but as a result it made him very angry with us. It was such a hard, lonely path. I always said I would never want to see another parent have to walk through what we did.

2 years ago I wrote this in my journal…”I pray for your restoration Lord, which I know is possible, but right now it feels HARD. Helpless Lord, not hopeless. I will remind myself of that. So I will look to You for comfort and strength. I will remember that you have done the impossible before and You can do it again. So I pray for a miracle Lord, and I wait. I love him from afar and I remember that he is a sick person…”

I know that today we are 4+ months out from Isaac’s death. But I want you to know something. God DID answer that prayer. He brought restoration back to our family. A year later our relationship with Isaac was absolutely changed. We saw healing in so many ways and I am so grateful for those memories.

Yes, ultimately we lost our son here on earth. But God WAS listening. He gave us our miracle and I believe that He will continue to restore and renew this situation as well. We continue to believe in the power of God’s redemptive nature. Because of Isaac’s faith in God, we have hope that this is not the end of Isaac’s story. I trust in that.

Whatever situation you are facing today, I encourage you to put it in God’s care. Pray and ask Him to work and then wait to see what He will do.